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12:38pm 28/10/2006
  Everything except the fics has now been locked up. They will go next, both from this journal and off of whatever archives they may be on. If you want to keep reading my real life journal, tell me now or forever hold your peace.  
This is all Alicia's fault...   
11:59pm 26/08/2005
  A short scene, explaining one of the many, many reasons why Jean would be a hypocrite if she stopped Terry and Bobby. X-posted to x_project

(Non-canononical backstory for x_jeangrey, set when she is aproximately fifteen.)

’No boys’ isn’t even a rule, it’s a dictatorial caveat.Collapse )
of course...    
10:43am 25/07/2005
  anyone with my phone address is free to hassle/entertain me for the next seven hours or so...  
very late new fics   
10:51pm 18/12/2004
  In three parts!
Generic disclaimer: Nope, none of them are mine.

First, for evil_erato, we have Neville fic. In particular, Neville/Ginny/Colin.

Title: Look, but Don't Touch
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The year after Neville finished at Hogwarts he accepted a job as Sprout's assistant. Maybe he didn't do it just because Ginny and Colin were still there, but it had been a deciding factor. Of course, he hadn't quite figured just how hard it would be to be able to see them every day and never get any closer than that.
Look, but Don't TouchCollapse )

Next, for ciceronianus, an HP/Enterprise crossover.

Title: Wizards Don't Exist
Rating: PG
Summary: Time traveling is hard enough to deal with, but time travel and witches and wizards are just too much.
Author's note: While I applaud the show's writers for never stooping to the obvious joke when Archer goes time traveling, I, personally, do not have their self control.
Wizards Don't ExistCollapse )

Finally, for sisterpandora, Seamus and Dean and Fingerpaints.

Title: Fingerpaints
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Dean is not the only one with artistic talent.
FingerpaintsCollapse )
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08:12pm 01/12/2004
  For aiglet, for being a smart ass.

Title: Hrmph
Rating: G
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: It's hard to get a date...Collapse )
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For Fiat   
05:40pm 13/10/2004
  My response to everyone who seems to think that ambitious (hence, Slytherin) female means whore. This will probably never go anywhere, but it wanted to start itself in my head.

So you wanted his power and now you can't get it?Collapse )
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So, I'm late...   
10:39pm 29/08/2004
  What else is new?

Happiest of Birthdays, dearest jlh. Am posting this here because I'm lazy...

Rating: PG
Title: The ReasonCollapse )
Last set of drabbles...   
10:53am 01/05/2004
  Here's the final set of drabbles from my religion class. How sad.

Hope everyone enjoys. As a warning, spring has been getting to me... *grin*

For mattador, Harry/Susan (130 words)
I'm not going to leave you!Collapse )

For avariel_wings, Angelo drabble (82 words)
His grey skin could have been disturbingCollapse )

For arwena, Seamus/Dean (290 words)
Seamus looked sinfully goodCollapse )

For sisterpandora, Robin/Marion (172 words)
Their lives had become calmCollapse )

And also for Ely, Ron/Padma (110 words)
“Check mate,” he saidCollapse )

There you go all. Enjoy!
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06:41pm 23/04/2004
  Here are this weeks drabbles...

For meallanmouse, TSW!Pansy/Marcus/Oliver. (162 words)

Pansy wrinkled her nose at him.Collapse )

For primroseburrows, H/D visit the farm! (138 words)

Draco on a farm?Collapse )

For iscaris, my attempt at something not entirely unlike Viggo/Elijah... (116 words)

Read more...Collapse )

And, also for Rhysenn, Aragorn/Frodo, (129 words)

Frodo should never bow his headCollapse )

For rexlapinii, Moody in Hufflepuff (187 words)

“Alastor!Collapse )

For killerbeautiful, The Prewetts. (167 words)

I've got a bad feelingCollapse )

Still for kb, Sirius/Severus, (128 words)

Fuck off, BlackCollapse )

And still for kb, Vash/Wolfwood from Trigun (my apologies, it's been a long time since I've seen Trigun... Hope this suits.) (91 words)

The priest hissedCollapse )

Finally, for me, S/D/L? silliness. (139 words)

The Fashionably Dressed Wonder TrioCollapse )

There you go, all. Hope you like!
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Drabbles from Friday...   
01:34pm 18/04/2004
  Sorry about the delay on this batch. Had stuffs to do.

For sisterpandora, Fred/Angelina (157)

The three were far from indistinguishable.Collapse )

Also for Ely, Snape/Trelawney, (127)

When he figured out what the hell she was doing, Snape was horrified.Collapse )

And still for Ely, Snape/Filch, because she is strange. *grin* (82)

Love ya, ElyCollapse )

For morganmuffle, some S/D. (113)

Not exactly what you asked for, but funCollapse )

For sternel, Snape/McGonnagal. (70)

Much with the Snape love this week, apparently.Collapse )

For primroseburrows, A Hufflepuff thing, (113)

Yeah, I know you didn't actually ask. So what. *smile*Collapse )

Now, off to do at least some work...
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08:14pm 09/04/2004
  Here they are, as promised!

For sisterpandora
Merlin/Nimue (282 words)
That may have been a bad ideaCollapse )

Also for Ely
Morigann/Lancelot (299 words)
we have something in common, you and ICollapse )

For arwena
boy!Blaise/Harry (183 words)
If the others knew what Blaise was thinkingCollapse )

For fiatincantatum
Umbridge/Filch + Bondage (clearly, Fiat's got issues... *grin*) (126 words)
I’ve still got the manacles and chainsCollapse )

Also for Fiat,
Cho/Centaur (99 words)
Men, Cho thought, really sucked.Collapse )

And, still for Fiat,
Filch/Norris + catnip (75 words - sorry they ended up so short)
Hundreds of students had passed through the officeCollapse )

For ladylisse
Cho/Harry/Cedric - AH (160 words)
Cho was probably the luckiest woman on the planetCollapse )

For tourjoursimpur
my beloved Seamus/Dean (85 words)
Wine made Seamus really affectionate. Collapse )

For mattador
Lucius/Narcissa - the courtship (267 words)
Narcissa found Lucius Malfoy to be beyond creepyCollapse )

Still for Matt,
Cho, about Harry, pre-Cedric (74 words)
It was hard <I>not<i> to notice that Harry liked herCollapse )

For nmalfoy
Clark/Lex (my apologies, I don't actually know Smallville. Went with alternate Superman canon) (132 words)
Lois was, he discovered, frightfully boring.Collapse )

And also for Nancy,
Tom/Ginny (125 words)
The feeling of a hand soothing her mussed hair ...Collapse )

For romana03,
A lesson in being more specific which I hope she enjoys... *mini!grin* (167 words)
The children had no idea about what really went on in their professors’ lives,Collapse )

For goodtimenation
Stephen/Hannah (influenced by TSW, obviously) (159 words)
She saw them, but she didn’t understand.Collapse )

Hope you all enjoy. Certainly kept me amused through class. :D
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So I'm in an odd mood...   
05:46pm 05/04/2004
mood: tired
And am writing Cora drabbles. As in, drabbles about me. *sighs* I am the Mary Sue of my own life...

So, because this amused me:

Fandom: RL
Characters: Cora, the professor
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Well, obviously the Cora character _does_ belong to me. I claim no ownership of my professor/boss/advisor however.
(231 words)
spiral barred galaxies suckCollapse )

Right. I'm going to go get dinner before I do anything truly strange.
05:47pm 02/04/2004
  So, as ladylisse can attest, our religion class isn't much for attention holding, but is good for fic type productivity. I guess my new policy is if you get me a drabble request by Thursday I'll write it and post it on Friday. :D Still any pairing/topic/character, any fandom.

For meallanmouse
Happy Birthday!!!Collapse )

For mattador. (My appologies. Luna I don't really have a handle on yet...)
Everyone thought that Luna was so strange, and Ginny couldn’t really argueCollapse )

For ladylisse
Seamus/Dean/Lavender PotC thingyCollapse )

And, for me, I guess...
Neville/Ginny/Colin is of the cuteCollapse )

So yeah, if you want drabbles, just ask. :D
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more drabbles...   
11:01am 26/03/2004
  Yep, I'm still taking drabble requests. If you make any now I may not get to them until after the weekend, but I promise to do them, no matter the topic, fandom, or whatever. You should ask!

And here are the latest:

For fiatincantatum, awkward Seamus, influenced by nothingbutfic's Seamus. (202 words)
Seamus didn’t understand RavenclawsCollapse )

Also for Fiat, Millicent/Cho. (163 words)
Millicent leaned against the wall, lurking in the back of the libraryCollapse )

For jlh, Ted/Andromeda: (342 words)
Nymphadora had boundless energyCollapse )

And, also for Clio, James/Lily. (229 words)
James’ lips were on hers, his hands sliding down her sidesCollapse )

See, you can ask for anything. You can even ask for multiple things!

As an aside, is there any chance any of you will be at ICon this weekend? Just sort of curious...
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drabbles, the first...   
12:59am 26/03/2004

So, asking for ideas seems to have helped, at least a little. Still free to ask for as many (and as strange) drabbles as you like, but here's the first batch. (Looking at them, they're a very strange bunch... No wonder I'm having trouble writing these days. My style has actually changed kind of a lot, and I haven't been allowing for it or taking it into account. Hmmm.)

For the hell of it, a Seamus/Dean drabble: (183 words)
Read more...Collapse )

For ladylisse, trio!drabble: (144 words)
It wasn’t that confusing when you got down to it, really.Collapse )

For meallanmouse, Pansy!drabble: (156 words)
Her hands moving smoothly down her sides, Pansy pressed the soft silk flatCollapse )

Also for FW, Alison!drabble - from X_project: (216 words)
There was nothing evil about the cookiesCollapse )

For sisterpandora, Robin Hood: (193 words)
The problem, Marian reflected, was that Robin was just too goodCollapse )

For chapstickmess, Boromir slash drabble - because you didn't say _who_ had to hurt, or why: (244 words)
He was dying.Collapse )

For evil_erato, Snarry, (282 words)
The problem in Harry’s mind wasn’t that Severus was his teacherCollapse )

And also for Erato, Lavender/Hermione: (195 words)
Everyone thought she was stupid, but Lavender Brown was far from stupid.Collapse )

For ennia, Justin Finch-Fletchley at his finest: (227 words)
Everyone thought he was insufferable and full of himself, but that was Ernie.Collapse )

Want more? Just ask!

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05:58pm 12/02/2004
mood: aggravated

It's the too little sleep that's making me cranky, it really is, but still...

*wants to kill*

There are maybe three people in the world who can make me as aggravated as she can, but they all manage it so well... *sigh*

*takes deep calming breaths*

I'm so very tired, but I have to go sit through the second longest of the con meetings tonight, and I need to email one of the guests and apologize for deleting his email with his VERY IMPORTANT information and get him to send it again so I can make up a spreadsheet for the panels. Have to also remember to eat dinner, so should probably go do that soon.

At meeting will get to see boyfriend-type person, and am virtually guaranteed to get minimal response at best. Really, I just need to not be in college anymore, or at least not dealing with these people all the time. And when certain people online (obviously none of you who can see this) add to it I just want to throttle things.

Er, so you know, this is my 'ranting' filter. Let me know if you don't want to see the (fairly infrequent) occasions when I blow my top and I'll take you off it.
It's been a long day...   
10:47pm 28/01/2004
  Actually, it's not even done. I've still got two classes to finish the work for. But between the lack of progress on so many fronts, complete and utter frustration with the world, and the desire to just make some people stop talking (IRL), things got nasty.

Unluckily, Faithful!Ernie decided to live in my head tonight. Luckily, fiction is fictional.

Disclaimer: Not mine. REALLY not mine. And in no way AT ALL is this meant to even begin to suggest any of my actual opinions about anyone, fictional or real. At all. Seriously

Rating: R, for being sort of generally disturbing.

Faithful!Ernie comes out to playCollapse )

Gods, I hate having him in my head...
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02:49am 14/01/2004
mood: sleepy
SLEEP? Blast, I knew I forgot something...

Anyway, a verrrrry late b-day/x-mas fic for fiatincantatum, even if she does give me bunnies at one in the morning.

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: not mine. Ernie's JKR's, Inir and Ilar come from Fiat, and Gwyn borrowed from romana03.
Summary: During the Christmas hols, Ernie's 7th year, Ernie comes to visit.
UntitledCollapse )
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01:55am 07/01/2004
mood: sleepy
I try to go to bed and the bunnies attack. Bad bunnies.

For everyone.

S/D drabbleCollapse )

now I really will sleep.

Anyone who wants to try and give me plot ideas which this would fit for is free to do so... it's too nice a start to leave it hanging.
02:25pm 04/01/2004
  Well, it's not entirely unlike a drabble. I still don't know how people can limit themselves to a hundred words, or whatever...

For meallanmouse
Disclaimer: not mine
PoiseCollapse )
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